To place a classified ad or post an item --
Please select one of the following:



Postings in FREE Markets tab:


Free items, swaps and notices = NO FEE



Yard/Garage Sales = NO FEE



Wanted items = NO FEE



For Sale items: priced $10,000 or less = NO FEE
 (Up to 10 items until sold. More than 10 items:
  please see
our Extended Rates)


Club, Group or School = NO FEE
 (Anyone can add a For Sale, Wanted or Classified item to your club or group!)


Posting in Classified Ads tab:


Classifieds: Any items for sale priced over $10,000
 including Autos, Boats, Motorcycles, RVs and Trucks:
 $5 for 30 days or $10 for 90 days


Classifieds: Services, Restaurants, Retail, Dealers
 (includes line ads, business card & photo):
 $10 for 30 days, $30 for 90 days, $55 for 180 days
 ($5 for web page link and $10 per coupon for each
 30 days)
 $100 per year (includes free web page link)
 $200 per year (includes coupon and web page link)


Classifieds: Employment, Jobs:
 Flat fee of $25 for 30 days (includes free web page link)


Classifieds: Real Estate - For Sale, Open House,
 Rentals, Time Shares:
 $7 for 7 days or $20 for 30 days (web page link =
 $5 for 30 days)


Posting in Coupons tab:


Coupons: $15 for 30 days, $45 for 90 days,
 $80 for 180 days, $150 for 1 year


Posting in Videos tab:


Videos: Contact us for pricing!



  • Photos included in any ad = NO FEE
  • If you don't have a Web page yet-we'll design and host it for you for UNDER $25/month! Please visit